Monday, 26 October 2015

Does Fogging work

No, it will not work.

In the long term control of dengue at least.

We have been fogging all our life. It is a well-known symptom of dengue. You can diagnose dengue from one kilometre away – by seeing the wafting fog filling up the air in your neighbourhood. It is so well known that people have become oblivious with fogging that they thought cigarette smoke can repel mosquitoes. Smoking is unhealthy. Fogging may save lives.

Despite the special effects that comes from your neighbourhood friendly fog men that look like Van Halen and Metallica making a theatrical entrance with a loud guitar roar and artificial smoke, the impact of fogging may not last, as you would, reminiscing the lingering effect of your first ever rock concert! For some, seeing the fog men at work create a false sense of security that whatever is causing the disease is under control.

Let us see some of the reasons why we should not depend too much on fogging.

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